Thursday, May 10, 2012

I'd rather be beading.

I've been beading now for several years and am finally feeling like I'm making some things I would love to sell. My confidence is growing and I am beginning to really think about selling my work.  Lately I've been working on learning some wire wrapping techniques since I am still a novice.  I find myself completely consumed by the task and the time fly's by at at alarming rate. The laundry isn't getting done, the dishes are stacking up and my house...well it needs a good cleaning. I know I should get to it, but really... I'd rather be beading. Here are some things I've been working on.
Magnisite Circular Pentants $30

Bronze wire wrapped pendant with stone briolette $25, or $35 with chain
Antique Bronze wire wrapped pendant with stone briolette $30

Pearl necklace with Swarovsky crystals, magnetic gold plated clasp and glass bead $38
Bronze Lariat with tiger's eye bead and yellow swarovsk crystal $20

Rose Quartz earings and matching bracelet on gold filled wire and hand forged clasp $40

Wire wrapped gold drop earrings $10

Gold drop earrings with orange shell beads $15
Orange jade and shell necklace with gold filled clasp $35
(inspired by a beautiful pearl necklace gifted to me and designed by my dear friend

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