Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A Little Bit Spooky, A Little Bit Sweet

I always loved Halloween as a kid and now that I have a little girl to dress up, it just reminds me of all those great past Halloween celebrations. This year I'm really excited about going to the pumpkin patch, baking delicious treats, taking Claire trick or treating and of course stealing a good portion of her stash. Don't judge me, she's only 2 1/2 and doesn't need all of that candy. So you see, really I'm just being a good mom and besides... I am 8 months pregnant so just try and stand in my way :)  Today I went to the bead store to grab a couple of supplies and I found the silliest beads yet. Yes, multicolored skulls were purchased even though strangely they weren't on my shopping list.  I thought they would be so fun if I dressed them up with a little bit of sparkle and dangle. 

They are a bit weird, but I think that's why I think they are great for the holiday. I like that they are creepy without being too goth.

So here they are girls, check them out! I'm thinking of selling them on my etsy site if they go over well.  

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