Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Let's Get Down to Business

I've finally made a commitment to get this beading business off the ground.  A real motivator for me was the new found confidence I have in my workmanship. I also think I've really found my creative  groove. When people ask me what my style it has been really hard to answer. I have a short attention span I guess. I feel like I was experimenting with anything and everything.  Now that I am posting on Etsy and can see part of my body of work there doesn't really seem to be one definitive style I can  ascribe to.  What I did discover is that I love color, big bright color, contrasting colors, rough organic texture and wire work, lots of wire work. So to be completely vague I guess I could call my jewelry style Boho Modern. There is so much beauty out there on other etsy shops it just keeps be inspired to create more and diverge into new paths.

This business venture has really come in to focus for me because I have a new found goal. I have been a stay at home mom for the past 4 1/2 years. I'm raising two gorgeous little girls that keep me busy.  Beading started as a stress reliever and a creative outlet. I do realize that one day all to soon I will have to return to work. Oh, but what to do? After years of contemplation I've chosen yoga instruction. I was inspired but a friend who just got her yoga certification. Well that sounds just great and I know it would be a perfect fit for me.  I love the idea of working part-time so I can still be at home some of the time for my kids,.  But also how great would it to get paid for working out and meditating? Seriously, this is a no brainer. I have a background in dance as well as  karate instruction but it's been years and I'm not as bendy as I use to be. So the catch is yoga certification actually costs money. I know, maybe I'll actually sell some stuff and make the money. Novel idea, right? So here I go! I'm about to launch the official grand opening of Little Wave Designs.